Make Goals and Philosophy of Education Work for Your Advantage

As an essay writer, I can attest that writing takes hard work.

However, there are instances when you are mandated to not just write, but write well. Education students applying for teaching positions in schools are required to create their philosophy of education. This time, let us focus more on examples since there are already numerous articles teaching the basics of composing a philosophy.

Set A

A: I believe that classrooms should be student-oriented.

Make it more specific. What do you mean by student-oriented? Why not show how you picture that type of class by citing your own strategies?

B: I consider  the varying learning types, abilities, and interests of students, when planning lessons and activities.

Which says more of an effective teaching technique, example A or B? Let us compare two more examples.

Set B

A: Education includes several aspects that should be given utmost attention.

This one is too vague and general. You will feel that there is something wrong even if you are not an essay writer.  Now let us review the philosophy below.

B: Students ‘ academic performance, though essential, is not enough to prepare them as they set foot to the real world. Education must also deal with shaping students as whole individuals, able to make wise decisions. The most effective classes are those that encourage critical thinking and group collaboration, and the ideal assignments are the challenging ones – those that let students dig deeper and not just copy answers from books. Students need to understand the relevance of scientific theories to our daily lives. They have to be trained to work with grace under pressure, which cannot be achieved by mere mastery of scholarly concepts. They should be encouraged to not only excel in class, but also to become mature individuals.

Educational philosophy takes more than a single sentence. Discuss your principle. Now, which is more concise, example A or B? Which reveals more about the author? You be the judge.

Remember that,

Educational philosophy also serve as an assessment not of your potential to become an essay writer, but of how much you have accomplished and improved.

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